Your Most Recent Dream

By | May 20, 2019

Everyone has a place they call it second home. For me, Berlin is. I fall in love with this city ever since the first time I came here last September 2018. Even though the first three months here were full of struggle, you name it getting lost almost every day, toilet paper, grocery shopping, endless walking, language until my depression symptoms that getting worse before I finally able to combat it. 

So, the first thing that come up to my mind when someone ask me about "your most recent dream" is to settle in Berlin. Could I? Possibly. 

In order to make the most recent dream come true I arranged already set of strategy to be able to finally settle in Berlin hopefully soon after my voluntary service ended. I currently am applying training to be an educator focusing in early childhood education. There are two possibilities to take this training; full time or dual study training. I hope I could take a dual study training. What does it mean by dual study training? Well, it allows me to participate the training while working in the same field that I study. The training itself is cost-less it costs nothing or free of tuition fee. Then if I can do a dual study training I am able to provide my life cost and to pay for rent. 

There are there requirements that I haven't been able to fulfill it yet; visa, job contract and language certificate. I have to give them B2 certificate while now, I believe that my German level is B1 and even now I haven't had B1 certificate yet.

But, instead of focusing on what I haven't got yet, I focus on the best thing that can I do now... I am learning German still, I am writing the application letter, I am gathering as much information as possible about the school, I approaching my colleges so they can gimme helps, guidance, advice etc etc. 

Actually today, I have finished writing my application letter... I would like to write it here also. My very first original application letter in answering why do I want to be an educator for early childhood? 

((below is my three-paragraph application letter))

I have undergraduate degree in English Education from Indonesian private University in 2016. Since the first year of my study I constantly working with the children to help them with their English language. I am not intentionally choosing to work with the children, there were no specific reason at that time. It just happened like that and eventually I found myself really happy to be able to work with the children.

Years after I graduated from the university, I applied for a voluntary service program in Germany (September 2018-August 2019). This program again allowed me to work with the children in KITA or Germany day care center. 

For my experiences working with the children I know that this is kind of a job that I would enjoy doing it for the rest of my life. I love working with the children because working with them is fun! I realize somehow working with them also make my inner-child happy as she learns a lot from them. I admire the positive vibe, endless energy, honesty, creativity, flexibility and resilience of the children I’ve ever worked with. In a nutshell, working with the children always motivate me to be a better person.
Psssttt, how does it sound like? Good? Convincing enough? Or what? Gimme your opinion in the comment section bellow...

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