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By | May 20, 2019

I don't feel confident to talk about my favorite music because I feel my music is somehow not cool... whoops! Hello another insecurities! But seriously, people often judge me as boring, weak, naif based on the music that I enjoy to listen to. But who cares? Let's talk about it.

The most recent album form Jason Mraz; Know. 

I know this new album from my Indian friend who also like Jason Mraz... not as much as I like him though but ya, he probably knows better about this album than me. My most favorite song from this album is Have it all, followed by no plans, and uhm, basically I love all the songs from this album! If you are into cheesy-sweet love story you'll like it as well. Anyway, I knew Jason from the lucky and I'm yours song back from my first university year... It's good, sweet and positive. I like to listen to those song again and again until my final year. I started to listen to his music again several months after I came to Berlin. And still I am in love with his music. 

Who does not love Ed Sheeran?

I'm in love with the shape of you... I guess this song is booming in 2017. I don't really into it at first, to be honest. But then again his other song thinking out loud also booming in Indonesia. His song is romantic and sweet. Another song, perfect also booming and the funniest part is that I actually do not know that all of those songs are from the same talented singer. Lol! After I knew about him I begin to listen more and more of his songs... My most favorite one is how would you feel followed by photograph. 

I also love all dirty songs from Bruno Mars

Guess what? Our first time is one of my favorite song... Oh I wish I could listen this song while I'm doing it for the first time. Another dirty-sweet song that I love form Bruno Mars is Versace on the floor. The feel and melody of this song is better than our first time but still, I feel that our first time is somewhat more special because duh! It's our first time baby! :p
Another songs I love from Bruno Mars are the lazy song, you know that I am lazy as fuck. I also love just the way you are, count on me, grenade, it will rain, talking to the moon and other collaboration songs including lighter and beautiful girls. Man! I wish I can go to watch this dude perform life in a concert. 

For my Indonesian readers I love Tulus, who else with me?

I love all Tulus' songs. I don't really know actually why I know this cool dude. But I guess from the Monokrom song I heard in cafe. I asked what is the title of the song and who's the singer and one of my friend which I couldn't clearly remember said that it was Monokrom from Tulus. 
His voice is amazing! Even when he sings acapella. My favorite one is di bawah langit abu-abu. Seriously, you gotta check the acapella version on youtube. It's AMAZING! I also love tanggal merah from Tulus, this song gives me a positive energy and makes me love myself more. Another song that I love to listen to are manusia kuat, sepatu, monokrom, ruang sendiri, sewindu and gajah. 

I don't know who is this but I love Kunto Aji

One day, a new hotel and cafe in Semarang invited me for its grand opening event and there was Kunto Aji. I really had no idea who is Kunto Aji at that time. I don't even bother to google his name. Eventually, I came to that event. I sang along together with all the people there as well as Kunto Aji. I enjoyed it. His song somehow deep and meaningful. I love his unique music and guess what? I love almost all his songs. Ever since that grand opening event I always listened to his song every morning. 
Some of my favorite are pengingat, mercusuar, akhir bulan, konon katanya, terlalu lama sendiri, ekspektasi and amatiran. 

Those are my favorite musical, what's yours? Lemme know in the comment section bellow! 

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