What Five Things Do You Wanna Do on Your Next Birthday?

By | May 18, 2019

I realized that write a journal has very significant impact for my self development. So, I wanna know how to improve it. I mean, if I can write a better journal, I can achieve better life as well. So I jump to google and type "how to use journal for self development" and I found something interesting. Long story short, I decided to challenge myself to write about 365 days writing prompts. Basically, 365 days writing prompts are bunch of questions about life that I have to answer in every single day. Sounds interesting, no?

Today is 18 of  May 2019 and the question is what five things do you wanna do on your next birthday?

To be really honest, it's quite hard to answer the question. What do I wanna do? This is hard because I am away from my family and my ex boyfriend who has been with me for the past 9 years... Ah that time! What a waste? No. Actually I learn a lot from him and our relationship. 

Okay. What do I wanna do on my next birthday? Throw a party? Nah. That's might sound interesting but I guess it won't work for me. I want my friends here throw a surprise party for me... Nah, seriously Nuzha? Stop expecting someone else to build your own happiness. Then what? I wanna receive a gift? That's the same. You are actually expecting someone else to make yourself happy. Doesn't work like that, I think we agreed about that. Okay! Okay... I will google it "how to celebrate your birthday".

YAS! I know what I wanna do on my next birthday, now... here we go:

Go Shopping and Buy a New Outfit

You really like to go shopping, no? Remember when the last time you go shopping? Of course! Those three hours shopping in H&M and almost half day shopping in Flea Market Mauerpark Berlin! This is how much you really like to go shopping. And you feel happily satisfy after that! So, for your next birthday I guess you should go shopping and buy a new outfit. You can buy whatever you want! Feel free and make yourself happy!

Got New Haircut or Hair Color

You have no idea that this is something you really wanna do! To get your haircut here in Berlin is quite expensive because they are so damn coooool! So you always push yourself down from getting a new haircut here in Berlin. But, who cares? You can get a new haircut on your birthday! 
Or else, you can actually color your hair with an extreme color like red, grey, purple, pink or orange. What ever you wish! 

Eat Your Favorite Food 

Eat your favorite food or food that you really wanna eat. Name it like sushi, fried rice, bibimbap, ramen, chicken satay, rendang, soto, lele, batagor, dimsum, dumpling, and the list goes on... This is your birthday, go to a nice restaurant and eat whatever you feel like eating! 

Have a Long Bath

You know how it feels after a long time chilling in the warm bath tube right? Prepare your favorite music or your favorite podcast or audio book with some bath-boom and wine maybe? Enjoy treating yourself like a queen! 

Spent Time with Friends and Someone You Love

Name them! Those important people in your life. I wish I could spent time with them during my birthday. Like the closest people here who live together with you; your flatmate Kelvin, Isa, Irene, Brian, your neighbor as well as your tinder date crush, your fellow Indonesian volunteers; Vela, Dita, Nala, Elin & Vaiz, your fellow WW volunteers name them like Niru, Sahel, Sammy and the list goes on... 

Another things that I wanna do on my next birthday are calling home. Call family, my mum, my two little sisters and probably my ex boyfriend. 

Something I wanna say to my 25 years old. 

Dear you, you are 25 years old now and according to your tinder date crush a 25 years old female is the most valuable in a long term relationship. So, your time is running. You have to find someone good as your partner in life. Nah! Like I wanna rush my time just because my favorite tinder date said that. 

I wanna say that you can be as awesome as you are anytime in your life. So don't bother with someone else opinion. You have to focus on your goal, set yourself free, be different, embrace the present moment, travel and volunteer more, never regret anything, try something new, learn something new, do something you always wanna do, accept what universe and life give you, be kind, be responsible, feel free to express your feeling, read more, watch more, listen more, write more, share more, eat healthy, exercise, stay in shape, get enough sleep, don't be stressful and the advise goes on...

You know what you have to do, stop self-doubting yourself, learn a new language, learn how to communicate clearly, meet as many people as possible, be real! 

Zha, you have to seriously learn how to swim! LOL

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